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How to get articles hallmarked for the European Union (EU)

The world is changing at a rapid rate
And those changes are more far-reaching than ever. Europe's internal borders have disappeared. The member states of the EU -- and the three associated countries -- are opening new and challenging markets. These offer you, as an entrepreneur in the precious metals industry, unlimited import and export opportunities. But when exploiting them it is vitally important to remember that the requirements set by these markets may vary widely from country to country.

toetser1Be sure of your European passport for precious metals
WaarborgHolland is a precious metals hallmarking organisation for the Netherlands. The Netherlands Hallmarking Act 1986 lays down the precise standards of fineness of precious metal which platinum, gold and silver objects must contain.

Dutch hallmarks are legally accepted not only in the Netherlands: other EU countries also accept Dutch hallmarks and respect them for their superior standard. Precious metal articles bearing Dutch hallmarks can be sold in countries such as UK, France, Ireland, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Portugal, Hungary without further testing. These countries have compulsory independent hallmarking systems similar to that of the Netherlands. Dutch hallmarks are also accepted in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland and Sweden, which have voluntary hallmarking systems. In Germany, Greece, Italy and Luxembourg there are no hallmarking requirements. Some countries do require prior registration of your Responsibility Mark.

What does this mean for you?
Articles marked with your responsibility mark and the official Dutch hallmark applied by us can be sold, without further testing, on the European markets described above (see pictures of hallmarks). You only have to send your assignment to our office and after one-stop testing we are able to distribute the articles to you or to your customers; so we can act as your jewellery gateway in and to Europe! To register your Responsibility Mark (makers mark or trade mark), we can send you a registration form on request. If you do not have your own responsibility mark we are able to design one for you and register it officially at our office in Gouda. Your new Responsibility Mark can be used in combination with our national hallmarks in all European countries.