First time hallmarking

Are you a business owner and is this the first time you want to have your products assayed? See how to below:

If you want to assay something just once

  1. Download the form and print out a copy;
  2. Fill in the form and place it next to the product(s) that are to be assayed;
  3. Include a copy of your Chamber of Commerce extract;
  4. If you do not yet have a responsibility sign (RM), write on the form that you wish to use the WaarborgHolland RM sign.

Send everything to:

Stationsplein 9a, 2801 AK Gouda
(T) +31-182-589300

If you want to assay items regularly

  1. Do you already have a Registration Mark and registered it at WaarborgHolland?
  2. If not, either download the RM application form for applying for a new RM or download the foreign Registration Mark registration form for registering your existing RM;
  3. If yes, please download (in PDF or Excel) and complete the form and send it together with a copy of your Chamber of Commerce extract with your items that are to be assayed;
  4. Upon receipt of your package, we will register you as a customer and you will receive a customer id from us. This allows you to track the status of your package on the website and use many other services.