Responsibility Mark (RM)

The manufacturer or importer of precious metal items must be in possession of a RM, which must be hallmarked in those items. The RM can be hallmarked by the manufacturer or importer himself or one can choose to have this done by WaarborgHolland.

Legally, WaarborgHolland can only apply the Dutch national hallmark to new items if the Responsibility Mark is already hallmarked in the item or if WaarborgHolland places it at the same time as the hallmark. The Responsibility Mark itself can be stored free of charge at WaarborgHolland.

Prior to and during the application procedure, the customer can make use of the Responsibility Mark of WaarborgHolland to have it hallmarked into his articles so that parties do not incur any delays.

Applying for a Responsibility Mark (RM)

The application for a new RM can be made through WaarborgHolland. You can download the document via the link below. The form also lists the requirements.

Registering foreign Responsibility Mark

If the imported items bear a foreign Responsiblity Mark registered with WaarborgHolland (also called Makers Mark or Sponsor Mark), applying for a RM is not necessary. Foreign Responsiblity/Sponsor Marks can be registered with WaarborgHolland. Please contact us for this on tel. +31-182-589300 Please note that articles originating from EU countries are also considered imported articles!