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In this part of the website you will find information from WaarborgHolland which can be important to you as entrepreneur.

Hallmarking articles (testing and marking)

  • Hallmarking articles of gold
  • Hallmarking articles of silver
  • Hallmarking articles of platinum
Determination fineness of precious metal alloys
  • Determination of the fineness of gold alloys by cupellation;
  • Determination of the fineness of silver alloys by potentiometric titration
Testing without marking
  • Testing fineness of articles without marking (to detect non-conformance with the claimed fineness)
Measurement of layer thickness
  • Measurement of layer thickness of gold or silver (with or without guarantee certificate)
Applying additional marks
  • Applying additional marks, names etc.
Other services
  • Application and registration of responsibility mark
  • Taking care of the distribution of the articles with specialised transporters
  • Unpacking and packing articles
  • Checking on the presence of the valid hallmarks of other EU hallmarking countries
  • Specification of the weight of precious metal excluding stones etc.
  • Attaching labels
  • Offering appraisement in the field of consumer articles of precious metals
  • Book of Dutch responsibility marks from 1797 to the present day (in English)