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Europe's assay office
Dutch craftsmanship has a long history of international recognition. The overseas reputation of Dutch master painters and artisans dates from the Middle Ages. The nation's guilds of cabinetmakers, diamond polishers, gold and silversmiths and assayers have built up their renown over many centuries. The characteristics of this dedicated and typically Dutch craftsmanship are an eye for detail, a sense of refinement and - when it comes to assaying and hallmarking of precious metals - full respect for the design. Combined with Dutch pragmatism, integrity, speed and efficiency, this gives WaarborgHolland its prominent place in the European hallmarking sector.

profiel_2Our benefits are yours
Located in the heart of Europe, the Netherlands has over the centuries developed into the continents leading distribution centre. It has strong links, both physical and legal, with its extensive hinterland. With WaarborgHolland, you can therefore operate without problems in markets throughout Europe. We provide prompt and efficient logistical support. We know precious metals legislation and regulations through and through, including specific customs problems and clearance requirements. Moreover, we achieve rapid throughput times. Our non-destructive assay methods offer you huge benefits. We live up to our renowned price-quality relationship. And, as an innovative provider, we offer you ground-breaking service. That's what makes WaarborgHolland your Jewellery Gateway to and in Europe.